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Live Consciously

glow from the inside out



When we strengthen our abilities to connect with our mind, body, and soul, we gain insight into what is and isn't working within our daily lives. It's from this space of understanding that we're able to take the empowered actions necessary to enhance our lives for the better.


Client Testimonials


"Kat does a fantastic job of being a supportive and uplifting coach, particularly when your self worth is feeling low or your progress feels stagnant. She has a specific skill in reframing perspective and shifting energy to enable her clients to bring more self love, grace, and balance in life. These skills of shifting perspective and practicing self love have dramatically changed my health journey."

Jaclyn Jayo


"I am finally able to love the skin I am in. I feel love for myself that I have always known that I deserve to feel. I have found my identity. I believe in myself. I am free!"

D'Angela Alberty


"Meeting with Kat has been absolutely amazing! She creates a safe environment that promotes honesty, openness and growth. She constantly empowers me no matter what we're working on. I feel more than ever accountable but she doesn't make me feel bad when I don't hit a goal, as we pivot and change strategy. I am feeling more confident and aware of myself and needs."

Maria Tsekeris


"Kat is a great mentor and is an excellent listener. I highly recommend her food shopping offer. She has helped me understand labels and what is really in my food. If you want to holistically change your life for the better, this is the person you need to reach out to."

Jill Lees


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Daily Rituals:
Recipe for Joy

Live on purpose, with purpose

This guidebook offers:

  • A plethora of uplifting rituals to choose from + inspire your own

  • Tips to develop consistent and sustainable healthy habits

  • An accountability planner to help you track your progress

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