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Next Level health

Coaching for individuals seeking to
upgrade their health + wellbeing, find balance + alignment, and build confidence

Stuck to Flow | Surviving to Thriving | Stale to Inspired





Does this sound like you?

Your eating + exercise habits feel stale...

  • You eat the same thing most weeks without knowing if it's really good for you.

  • You desire an understanding of how to eat right for YOUR body 

  • Your exercise practice may be inconsistent or lack luster

  • There's little intention around the WAY you eat


Certain areas of life are holding you down...

  • Maybe work doesn't leave you feeling inspired

  • Your relationships aren't supporting you in embodying your most authentic self

  • You'd like to focus on developing spiritual and mindfulness practices to connect with your higher self

Imagine a World Where...

  • You wake up energized with a positive outlook for the day

  • The reflection in the mirror smiles back at you. You're nourished from the inside out

  • Your mind is calm and steady as you begin your day from a place of intention

  • You enjoy moving your body and do so because you know it's an act of self-care

  • You radiate confidence + love and light up any room you enter

  • You become magnetic to your desires and manifest them with ease

  • You feel aligned with each aspect of your life from work to relationships

  • Your daily food choices bring you lasting energy

  • You trust your inner wisdom above all else

Here's who Next Level Health is not for:

Those looking for a diet plan 
Someone solely wanting to drop weight
Anyone who is not open to to change or vulnerability
People who are fine with going through the motions without being all in 

Humans in their 20s/30s who desire more out of life
Those who are ready to take a leap and challenge limiting beliefs
People who want to feel better and are ready to make changes in their everyday lives
Heart-centered beings who would benefit from support, guidance, integrity, an
d consistency

Next Level Health IS for:

City Biking

​You Will

  • Debunk health myths you've come to believe

  • Set grounded SMART goals

  • Meet yourself where you're at and decipher your body’s unique needs

  • Explore the fundamentals of mindful eating, nutrition, and joyful movement

  • Bring more mindfulness to everyday life

  • Re-calibrate your self-talk to empower you

  • Create your personal blueprint with action steps so there's no goal you can't reach


​You'll Receive

  • 6 - 12 private coaching sessions for 3 months

  • Personalized action steps, loving accountability, + healthy recipes specific to your goals

  • Support in between sessions via email + tex

  • Membership to Virtual Meditation Club + workshops offered for the span of the program 

  • Healthy Pantry Makeover

Mind Body Spirit


12 private sessions in 3 months

*highest level of support*


or 3 monthly payments of $666

+additional payment plans available

Holistic Health 


6 private sessions in 3 months


or 3 monthly payments of $370

+additional payment plans available

what past clients
are saying


I feel more empowered + more in control of my life + the changes I want to make. I also catch myself when I start to get overwhelmed and spiral about my to-do list. Instead I try not to take it so seriously and re-prioritize what really needs to happen to that I can take on what I need to with a more positive outlook.

This experience has been wonderful. It has really helped me prioritize myself + become more insync with my body and mind.

-Krystyna M.


-Maria T.

I am so grateful to be a part of this community. Kat has made this experience so amazing for me. I am invited to all meditation groups, cooking classes, retreats and anything that she is offering. She is so kind and understanding towards her clients. She really helps you feel like you are her teammate. I would recommend all of her services. My life has changed for the better and I know that there will be so much more beauty to come. I am down 51lbs and I am 5 months into my journey. I am inspired to become a health coach myself. Katerina helped me see my capability that was inside of me all along.

"Doing a pantry makeover with Kat was so eye-opening! I usually try to keep pretty healthy things at home in general, but I was so surprised by how easily I was fooled by advertising and certain buzzwords. I was shocked to realize how much sugar is actually in so many of the items we buy that are "labeled healthy" items. Learning how to check ingredients and keep an eye out for healthy frauds was so enlightening. 10/10 would recommend the healthy pantry makeover to anyone who hasn't given their food purchases a good look in a while (or everyone, really!).

-Clare Z.

-Ang A.

When I first started I was feeling like I was really missing out on connecting with myself and was holding myself back from reaching my highest self. Investing financially, emotionally and physically in myself was something I had never done (at least not in all those areas at once). Certainly I felt nervous and almost guilty to make that plunge and invest in me. But ultimately I signed up because I felt called to it and to Kat energetically as a teacher and guide. 


I have never regretted my choice of joining next level health, quite the opposite, in-fact after completing my journey with Kat I have felt renewed and awakened. I feel that I succeeded in taking a formidable step towards connecting with myself and have also moved closer to reaching my highest self. Kat very holistically addressed my relationship with myself and my mind and body by showing me that prioritizing myself and my health is not only possible but necessary. 


My main goals were centered around balance, particularly in finding a balance in movement. I have found that by practicing gratitude and what she calls “being my own best friend” that I have eased up on my self criticism and found value even in moments of soft functional movement. 


I also want to take a moment to share another gain, which is a spiritual one. Kat has encouraged me to grow my connection with myself past purely the physical. I realized soon into our sessions that I was looking for a deeper connection than I knew prior, and have begun to take steps towards appreciating and understanding my energy, vibration and spirituality. 


We are pushed into believing that we must be of service to others, and while this is a honorable ideal, we must realize that we cannot truly serve others if we do not serve ourselves. Kat’s program helped me to further realize that when I take care of my light it grows and extends to others. I would say that if you are on the verge of doing this. Do it, because you wouldn't be questioning it if your soul didn't feel pulled towards it, towards growth! And because loving/caring for yourself allows you to also love/care for others. 


Thank you Kat for being my first holistic health coach, for your unconditional positive regard, support, and perhaps most importantly for being a true friend!

-Eva W.

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Clare's 3 Month Journey
Jaclyn's Experience with NLH

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