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week group coaching experience to elevate your state of mind so that emotions pass through you, and save you time + energy while living healthier everyday

February + March 2022


If you're a heart-centered human who prioritizes self-development...

If you're craving an uplifting and honest community that boosts you up as you climb to your next level of health + wellbeing...

If you're ready to think on a higher vibrational plane with more warm + fuzzy thoughts as the norm...

If you're eager to deposit time + energy back into your personal bank...
CONGRATULATIONS! You're in the right place.
Ready to flow?
The next step is to submit your application and book a call with Kat

Imagine this...

You greet each day with a sense of excitement since you've worked through the mindset blocks keeping you small

That creates a flow of energy which enables you to show up for yourself and those you love

When you're met with conflict, you work through it calmly and confidently rather than getting hung up on the details


You devote focused attention to your work since you've gained an understanding in how your energy ebbs and flows throughout the day

You evolve alongside your collective sisters and brothers. You celebrate each other as you establish deep soulful connections.


A little tough love

If you don't get support, you may...

Not fully embrace the freedom and opportunity that summer brings, and let it pass by you all too quickly.

Feel stuck by pesky mindset blocks that keep you from living your truth & expressing yourself freely.

Continue wasting your energy on mundane everyday tasks and dull thought patterns

Or you could join us to...

Go deep in mindset work that ripples out into your personal + professional life

Gain clarity on how to return to equilibrium when stressors arise and you're thrown off balance

You feel a newfound confidence in the kitchen as save time meal prepping healthy foods like a pro

Develop an intimate relationship with your movement practice that allows you to get out of your head and into your body so sticky emotions are released faster

Learn the steps needed to manifest big things through doing deep work at your biological peak times

high vibe topics

Module 1 - Mindset Lift

Learn how to raise your baseline mood through daily practices that work

Module 3 - Meal Prep Pro

Understand how easy preparations can save you time and energy while also eating healthier

Module 2 - Embodiment

Get out of your head and into your body to process stuck emotions

Module 4 - Deep Work

Save time + energy by gaining awareness of how you operate so that you can plan your days in a way that align with your internal rhythm

I'm ready to Flow + Connect

What's included

  • 6 weeks of connection, learning, self-exploration, integrity, and personal growth in a sacred group dynamic 

  • 4 live Modules curated to align food and movement choices, and bring intention to action that you can come back and listen to any time

  • 2 live Group Coaching sessions to receive individualized support and guidance

  • Bonus Guest Speaker Workshops sharing on topics such as self-love, intuitive eating, and more.

  • Private Online Community: Collaborate, connect, celebrate, ask questions, get feedback from Katerina & a network of heart-centered humans

  • Weekly Actions Steps to integrate & make headway on your big life goals

  • Two month membership to Meditation Club

  • Accountability buddy to connect with, group reflections, and more


Total market value: $4050 

Let's talk value...

Right now, the investment for the

Flow Connection is less than 1/4 of that!

TWO ways to join:


Your launching point

Everything listed above


plus bonus surprises

$975 pay in full

or 2 monthly payments of $499

Just $167 per week


Very Intentional Person

Everything in Base level


  • 2 private 60-minute coaching sessions with Kat

  • Text and email support

$1175 pay in full

or 2 monthly payments of $600


Additional payment plans are

available on request

Still not convinced?

You need a program that works with you, not against you. 
You need an experience that will allow you to have fun with food. 
You need a program that teaches you how to save your precious energy by working with your body and mind.

"How can I know it will stick?"

The difference between The Flow Connection and other things you've experienced before is the Group and 1:1 Coaching element.


This empowers you to try out each new skill for yourself and make small changes to ensure they work for YOU and are sustainable.


It allows for integration in a safe and supportive space.


The Flow Connection is designed to support you for years to come!

Email Kat with questions at or

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